MGM is specialized in production and maintenance of industrial plants and puridication plants. For over 25 years we offer high-level services for companies of national and international significance, working in different sectors: alimentary, chemical and pharmaceutical, cosmetics and others.

MGM ensures full assistance, quality services and competence, thanks to continual, technical, professional adaptation, and to the attention given to new technologies and environmentally correctness. We provide customized solutions for every type of need and up-to-date equipment.

The company manages to efficienty do maintenance works of industrial plans, both ordinary and extraordinary, and it’s orgnized to perform in the short term the complete disassembly of equipments, their transfer and eventual works, replacing broken or worn-out compnents.

Works are carried out both on already-existing industrial plants and equipment of its own production, by our trained, specialist staff, carefully selected according to the principal’s production sector.


MGM deals with industrial plants production

Both new and for the extension of alredy-existent ones. Each product is developed and automated according to the client’s requests, after a careful analysis of the structure’s characteristics and of production targets.

In particular, the company designs, realizes and installs equipment for mixture and reaction, dealing with supply and assistance for industrial plants: workers are prepared to carry out repairs and replacements, solving any problem or failure within the shortest possible time.


MGM has a highly qualified design team

It also has got a wide range of plants and devices ready for delivery, such as reactors, mixers, blenders, desiccators, pillars, pumps, tanks and complete distillation plants.

Whatsmore, we produce special devices in different materials, including state-of-the-art alloys, metallic structures welded or bolted, scaffolding for sheds and piping, using high-performing, innovative materials available on the market.

All of the equipment are realized according to the project designed with the principal and are tested before delivery, in order to verify the correct functioning of all the components, as well as complete documentation and certification provided for by the sectoral rules.

MGM has alweys been careful with occupational safety, that’s why it has strict and effective controls over welding and pressure, with a view to ensuring a proper prevention of risks and accidents, on compliance wih both national and international laws.

MGM targets aimentary, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics companies, but ha salso got appropriate equipment for water and energy depuration. We boast an ever increasing number of successful collaborations with Italian, European and global principlas.

MGM si rivolge alle imprese dei settori: alimentare, farmaceutico, chimico, cosmetica, oltre a possedere la strumentazione adeguata per la depurazione dell’acqua e dell’energia, e ad oggi vanta un numero sempre più elevato di collaborazioni di successo con committenti noti in ambito italiano, europeo e mondiale.

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