Our experience enabled us to offer each particulars and components necessary for the realization and production of industrial plants, meeting faithfully and in detail the production’s needs, and strictly complying with the national legislation. We specialize in the containers and chemical-pharmaceutical equipment supply, and in the test of industrial plants.

In summary, the realizations concern:

– Tanks of medium and large dimension.

– Special equipment in any kind of material, even special alloys.

Our realizations include:

– Metal structures, bolted or welded, for industrial scaffolding or industrial buildings.

– Tanks of medium and large dimension.

– Prefabrication of pipes for process or pipes for services.

Moreover, we are able to carry out equipment thanks to our qualified staff with the following tests:

  • Devices with approval according to PED.

  • Pipes with its testing by notifying authority according to PED

  • Welding Procedure Qualification WPAR EN ISO 15614-1

  • Procedure Qualification Records ASME Code Section IX QW – 483