MGM offers maintenance and assistance services, particularly efficient and relevant applied to our wide range of plants and components from the supply that we provide. Thanks to a highly qualified staff, we are able to provide extremely accurate supervision of our products’ performances, even in the long term.

In particular, we provide maintenance operations of pharmaceutical, chemical and mixing plants, carried out by our staff with technical qualifications and specialized in providing the best revision performances. It is important to carry out checks and verification of industrial plants periodically, in order to minimize the risk of damage and accidents. In fact, machines are subject to wear and can get broken, affecting the whole production.

This strategy concerns in particular chemical plants, mixers, reactors and containers, equipment that absolutely have to be perfectly functioning, due to their function of containing hazardous substances, harmful to men and environment.
We also provide complete maintenance of the equipment used in pharmaceutical and cosmetics sector, where technical disturbance can lead to long delays in the whole production process.

We are organised to do:


    We provide assistance not only with maintenance of industrial plants from our production, but also with products from other companies. It includes quick dismantling, transfer and replacement of worn-out or broken components. Moreover, clients can request integral or partial replacement with original and perfectly functioning components, through the selection of the best products from our broad catalogue.


    The wide range of types of assistance offered by MGM includes ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, regarding our whore industrial plant building. We operate in order to ensure the basic function of our applications, both in pre-set and urgent occasion, in order to quickly fix anomalies and damages. This is possible thanks to our specialized staff.


    One of the main aims of MGM is to offer the best solutions quickly, through an immediate action on production plants. Our technicians build up a relationship of trust with clients, in order to agree on the actions to execute, meeting the deadlines. We are appreciated for the attention to details, for being environmentally friendly and especially for optimising the timetable.