MGM BY PEZZOLI BASILIO is a company based in Verona, active in the field of plant building and industrial supply. Thanks to the experience and competence gained by our 30-years management, we succeeded in broadening and differentiating our offer, through the delivery of turn-key plants, individualized based on the client’s preferences.

Our range of proposals, however, is not limited to plant building and its production, but comprehends also various types of supply, such as equipment, mechanicals and electro-instrumental equipment, piping components, microencapsulation techniques and, of course, several services of maintenance and assistance, executed by our high-specialized team.

impiantistica e forniture industriali


MGM BY PEZZOLI BASILIO build industrial plants to be allocated to chemical, industrial, textile and cosmetic sectors, whose automation and adaptability are projected according to the production and the client’s needs. We offer turn-key delivery and provide all the documentation relating to the product: basic process Documentation and detailed mechanical Documentation.


Our range on offer comprehends various components for the realization of plants, in accordance with the national and international rules for prevention, safety, welding and pressing. We also follow all the requested legislation for the execution of proof tests.


Tanks of medium and large dimension.

Exchangers, reactors, mixers.

Special equipment in any kind of material, even special alloys.

Metal structures, bolted or welded, for industrial scaffolding or industrial buildings.

Prefabrication of pipes for process or pipes for services.

Componenti Pipping


Our maintenance and assistance procedure consists

in an accurate series of operations aimed at verifying the status and checking the general condition of plants, in order to ensure an optimal performance level and meet your requests within an agreed period. Thanks to our highly qualified staff, we offer implementations designed to ensure the quality of plants in a professional and competent way.


MGM carries out the microencapsulation process, which consists in three phases :


 Pouring a drop of fluid on a plate made of piezo-ceramic material in resonance, the force that it impresses on the fluid is higher than the force of coherence of the fluid itself, causing the nebulisation of the fluid in very small bubbles, creating a sort of “cold boiling”.


 The second phase concerns the functionality of the microencapsulation unit, composed by a power generator, usually 20 KHz, that steers and regulates the vibrating group: transducer, booster e sonotrode.

Final phase

 In the final phase of the whole process, the heating fluid, used when the materials have a low melting point, fulfils the outer chamber of the container an starts to circulate thanks to a pump.

MGM is stands for quality in the area of industrial plant building and supply.
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impianti chiavi in mano manutenzione impianti industriali impiantistica e forniture industriali
microcapsulazione assistenza impianti industriali componenti pipping


MGM succeeded in playing a major role in the sector of industrial plant building and supply, not only locally but also nationally, in a relatively short time.

We are appreciated for our almost 30-year experience, a key point for being able to provide highly competent services that guarantee quality and accuracy of our works’ basic processes.