Born 25 years ago, MGM BY PEZZOLI BASILIO, became relevant in the sector of plants and supply for several fields: chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, cosmetic, alimentary, water and energy depuration, gaining popularity not only in Verona, but nationally.
Thanks to our highly qualified staff and our rich variety of supply, we are able to offer a wide range of modern, long-term quality assured plants, with a high performance level.
We leave nothing to chance, we adopt the requested legislation in the field we operate and provide the necessary maintenance aimed at meeting  any specific requirements.


Our industrial plants are built in the Verona territory and in Veneto, the region where is located our registered office. However, we stand ready to provide our products nationwide.


The well-selected staff with experience in sectors where we operate guarantees quality in our works.
Every construction site is provided with all the necessary equipment to execute the works, it has his overseer and, where it is considered necessary, other possible managers are available to organize works to the best of it.
In order to follow with more attention the activities and to face the demand in the most economical and competitive way, we have specialised staff, technical managers and technical office at our disposal.
Moreover, when requested, we have orbital welders for the realization of automatic Tig weld joints with inert gas flushing.


The general field in which MGM works id the industrial tout court, including four specific sub-areas:

  • Chemical Pharmaceutical
  • Cosmetic
  • Water and energy depuration
  • Alimentary