MGM is aware of the importance of plants maintenance, that’s why we provide conplete assistance both in case of failure or damage of machines and of regular checks carried out at certain times of the year, in order to guarantee proper functioning of devices.

MGM is available for maintenance of pharmaceutical, chemical and mixing plants, both ordinary and extraordinary, carried out by a specialized team, well selected on the basis f its experince in the field.


To check industrial plants on a regular basis

is essential in order to reduce the risk of damages and accidents. With the passing of time, in fact, machines could be walking into failure, malfunction or other problems that could stop productioon.

This applies firstly to maintenance of chemical plants, reactors, mixers and tanks used for containing and working on harmful substances to humans and environment. In case of damage, gas and fluids release may occur, with terrible consequences.

Lack of chemical and pharmaceutical maintenance can cause fire and explosions. That’s why this kind of works must be carried out by an expert team, able to recognize any abnormalities and make all necessary repairs.


However, also other types of industrial plants

(cosmetics, alimentary, and so on) must be inspected regularly, in order to prevent abnormalities, that can cause significant losses and slowdowns.

MGM provides assistance not only for maintenance of own-produced industrial plants, but also for disassembly, transfer and replacement of worn out or damaged parts, within the shortest possible time, also with immediate action.

The client can request partial or total replacement of plants with original, fully functionating components, selecting the most valid products in our catalogue, and also requesting support from experts in the field.

Relying on MGM’s staff means being sure of receiving sterling service, in compliance with work safety and legislation. The Company makes available the best technicals, in order to metta t best any client’s request.

Our staff is also available for explanding existant establishments, installing both made-to-measure and standard equipment. MGM provides functional, up with the times solutions.

The Company’s missioni s to improve both working conditions and internal results in terms of productivity. Technicals establish a relationship of trust with the principal, aimed at developing and agreeing on a list of operations and its timetable.

Attention to details, respect for the environment, costant quest for low-impact, new technologies are key points, that gave us the chance to collaborate with any kind of companies, from alimentary to pharmaceutical industry.

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