MGM offers supplies and equipments for chemical, pharmaceutical, alimentary, cosmetics and water and energy purification companies. We have a wide range of instruments and devices ready for delivery, classified by type, size and materials.

MGM offers tanks from MC1 to MC200 for containing fluids, fuel and other chemical substances, necessary for production of chemical, pharmaceutical, almentary products, available at competitive prices ready for delivery.


It is possible to request the design of tailor-made chemical tanks,

according to production needs. The company make available to the client a team of experts and technicians, able to make proper equipments and to install them in the establishment.

The development of new equipments is carried out on the basis of specific requests: technicians, in fact, after having analyzed the structure’s characteristics and the principal’s needs, suggest the most adapt products.

The company also handles transfer and installation operation, delivering ready-to-use plants and chemical tanks. Technicians also verify the proper functioning of equipments, appropriately tested in order to ensure their integrity.


MGM tanks have different application in indstrial areas and meet the standards

provided by national and international law. The company is always up-to-date for what concerns materals and production techniques, in order to improve its quality standards year by year.

MGM proposes heat exchangers, reactors, powder mixers, desiccators, and other high-level equipment, both available in catalogue and new ones, made according to the client’s requests. The company aim is to meet at its best each principal’s needs.

Assembly and installation are carried out by expert and qualified staff, composed by technicians and fitters, coordinated by foremen. They are selected according to their competences in the production sector, in order to guarantee the effectiveness of the work.

MGM also provides a series of assembly equipment, such as tanks, auto cranes and mobile sheds, and for the final tests, carried out according to the established norms, and issuing the relative documentation with legal validity.

The company also works with already-existent plants, equipment, tanks, reactors and mixers. Our technicians are available for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance works, reparation, displacement, disassembly and replacement.

The efficiency of our works is guaranteed. The staff is able to solve any problem in the short term, fixing machines in order to restore their original status, in order to permit the production to resume its normal schedule. In this way, enterpreneur and workers’ inconvenience are reduced to the minimum.

Works are carried out in the establishment, in the terms and timetable agreed with the principal. Technicians team, thanks to their long experience on field, ensure excellent performances, quick and competence, even in case of breakdown and failure.

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