MGM develops, realizes and installs reaction plants and water and energy purification plants for companies of chemical, pharmaceutical, alimentary and cosmesis areas, dealing with the whole design and building process, check, testing and delivery.

Reaction plants are projected according to specific requests of our clients, thanks to a team of experts and technicals. When production needs and the building of destination have been analyzed, our team proposes win-win, innovative solutions.


MGM realizes industrial plants

both from scratch and aimet at expanding the manufacturer, always guaranteeing high-quality standards, professionalism and experience before and after delivery, with assistance and support in case of damage or malfunction.

The Company is responsible for intallation into place, carried out by specialized technicals using appropriate equipment: auto crane, tanks, mibile sheds, welders, metallic structures, so that works come back as efficient and delivery takes on schedule.

MGM is able to deal with the complete installation of reaction plants, including structures, tanks, piping and pumps. A technical team, led by a supervisor, will check the proper functioning of devices in compliance with legislation.


The Company has also a wide range of industrial plants

ready for installation, included reactor of different size. Clients, supported by our staff, will select the most appropriate products for their needs and objectives.

We also provide tanks, pumps, piping, pillars, mixers and blenders designed to chemical, alimentary, cosmetics, pharmaceutical indusrty.

Assistance will be provided also afret delivery in case of damage or techincal problems. MGM provides specialized support for operations of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, for plant repairs, transport and disassembly.

Maintenance is important to increase the establishment’s safety, to monitor emissions and machines performances, but also for reduce the risk of damage, accident or gas and other substances flow. That’s why check must be done every year.

The Company works on own-produced chemical plants and reaction plants, guaranteeing quick and effective operations, quality, cordiality and punctuality. Each team is selected on the basis of experience and competence, in order to guarantee always great success.

Our staff is able to identify any abnormalities in a near future: once noticed the problem, it suggests the most appropriate repair work, aimed at minimizeing inconvenience and avoid production interruption, so that the plant resumed its normal work schedule.

MGM ensures high-level performances, professionality and competitive solutions, offering favourable prices and speedy services: clients can request technical assistance in any time, communicaing it to the Company directly.

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